Stay Safe Online Videos

Today is Safer Internet Day.

To make our children more aware of the potential dangers and risks of using the internet, we spent time today looking at ways in which we can stay safe online.

We first looked at some information from the Safer Internet Centre and the Kidsmart websites to look at ways to stay safe online. We share the Primary School charter for online Rights and Responsibilities.

We also used the BrainPop UK ‘s video about online safety. This brilliant resource gives children a fun and informative video to watch about so many different topics. The children can then test their understanding by taking a quiz.

The children absolutely loved watching this video and it helped them understand further the precautions they must take when online.

Their task was then to use all this information and make their own E-Safety awareness video. They used the iMovie Trailer feature to make their own information video. The children worked really hard putting all their information down and it gave them the perfect opportunity to show how much they could remember and use it to inform other children about being safe online. Here is an example of one group’s video:

How to stay safe online! from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.