Temple Run Character Descriptions!

Miss Burns’ literacy group today started planning their own stories about the popular game, Temple Run, by generating descriptive phrases about the setting, character and object from the story.

After playing the game, we discussed the story and how the game starts near the end of the story. We decided that we would write about what happens before he escapes the temple.

We realised that the main character, Guy Dangerous, had to have some special qualities to be able to find the precious idol and be able to escape the temple. We thought about how we could describe what he looks like, his characteristics but also verbs to describe how he moves to escape the temple.

We then looked at the idol. What makes it so desired and precious? Does it possess some sort of mysterious magic that contains special powers? Why is it so hidden and protected? What is the value? How old is it? Again it triggered some great discussion and generated lots of really interesting ideas.


Finally we looked at the setting. Where would this temple be hidden? We established that it must be in some sort of jungle as it is surrounded by trees and vines. What would you see? hear? feel? smell?

Again after much discussion the children were full of different ideas ready to write down.


We used the app Skitch to annotate pictures and note different ideas and descriptive phrases we had generated. The app allows you to highlight and annotate, pictures, text, maps or webpages. It is a great app for children to use as a visual aid and reference to it when they are writing their stories. Children were able to group the different types of description by using different colours and also point to different parts of the picture. Here are some of our efforts:

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