Temple Run Stories

Over the past half term, Mrs Mitchell’s literacy group have been using the game Temple Run as a focus in Literacy. The fact that the children have a couple of minutes to play the game at the start of the lesson has them completely hooked. We have used it for numerous tasks which has been tackled with a excellent attitude from the children. You can read about some of the previous lessons we have done below:

Generating powerful verbs using Tag Cloud.

Instructional videos of how to play the game.

Super In Media Res openings for the story

Today the children carried on their stories and wrote about the point when they saw the idol from inside the temple. We discussed how it could have taken years to get to this point but to take an idol so precious wouldn’t be easy. I showed them part of the opening scene from Raiders of the lost Ark – however edited from 1:54 as it shows his sidekick meeting an untimely death. The movie is rated PG however didn’t want to risk any upset. The link for the video is here.

book Class 5B become Authors

The children downloaded some pictures from the scene to use. The children then used the app “Book Creator,” to create their own eBook stories about the escape from the temple

The children loved all the different features that were available and found the app straightforward and easy to use. It adds an extra dimension to the children’s writing as they can add video, pictures and audio.

The children were so enthused and focused on completing their books and were disappointed when the lesson finished as they wanted to carry on. I absolutely love this app, I love the way the children are so eager to write and it encourages the children to be creative by adding pictures, sound effects or video. Also there is an opportunity to include the children recording themselves reading back their work providing a record of children’s oral reading.


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