Temple Run Story Openings…

Year 4 continued to focus on the game Temple Run as a focus in Literacy.
The children love the game and it lends itself to some fantastic writing opportunities. The game actually starts near the end of the story, where he is leaving the temple trying to run to safety. What he has taken, what happened in the temple and how he got there is left completely open to the children’s imagination.

Today we wrote the start to our story, but used an In Media Res opening to try and hook our reader in. Basically it means starting in the middle of things, near the climax and then goes back to the start. It means the opening paragraph needs to be really exciting and enticing.

The children used slow writing to write their paragraphs. The children tried really hard to think about how they wrote just as much as what they wrote. Their rules were:
Sentence 1 – Must contain a connective.
Sentence 2 – Must have three adjectives.
Sentence 3 – Must use alliteration.
Sentence 4 – Must appeal to the senses
Sentence 5 – Can only be three words
Sentence 6 – Must start with an adverb.

Once the children had written their paragraphs they were then given some time to redraft, edit and improve. Using a thesaurus, they looked at changing or adding words to make their writing more effective.

Once the children were happy with their final efforts. They narrated them over some screenshots of the game using the app iMovie. It is a fantastic way of showcasing their work in a more creative and interesting way. It was also good for children to show their oral reading skills and they thoroughly enjoyed watching their efforts back.

I’m sure you will agree that after watching these videos, you will sure be returning to find out more from the stories:

Writing an In Media Res Opening for a story about the game Temple Run from Mr L Parkinson on Vimeo.


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  1. Sounds like fun doing a Temple Run story wish i could do it to

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