Temple Run Vocabulary Word Clouds

Temple run is one of the most popular iPad/iPhone games out there! All the children love this game and so I want to really harness this enthusiasm and see if using the game as a focus across the curriculum we can get some quality writing from the children in particular the reluctant writers who may feel eager to work knowing it is a stimulus they are enthusiastic about.

So today we started using Temple Run as our focus and allowed the class to familiarise themselves with the game. We are going to really focus on using the game to write some descriptive stories and so while playing in pairs one person played the game while their partner tried to look at the surroundings, the way the character moves and the demons that chase him.
Once the children had played the game for 5-10 minutes. We discussed as a class words to describe how the character moves examples such as: run, jump, turn and dodge. We realised that these words aren’t very exciting. Therefore we wanted to try and find more adventurous vocabulary to make our writing more interesting.


mza 8096978239385435540.175x175 75 Year 5s Epic Citadel Journey begins...

With an iPad each they worked in pairs while one person was typing out descriptive words into the app ‘Tag Cloud,’ the other was looking for more interesting vocabulary using the dictionary app.

It was a good collaborating exercise that had both partners focused and working well. The final product will become useful as a word bank for when the children have to do some descriptive writing later.

dictionary.com app Year 5s Epic Citadel Journey begins...

The dictionary.com app is a fantastic tool to have handy whenever you are doing any sort of writing activity as it has a built in predictive text feature that helps children who are unsure of the spelling and also an in depth thesaurus which is great for generating different and interesting vocabulary.