The Big, Bad Wolf by Ethan

The Big, Bad Wolf is a sly, clever creature who lives in a dark, black wood.

He has  a tongue like a waterfall and it is pink. The Big, Bad Wolf has eyes like search lights and he also has a black, bushy tail. The creature has teeth like fangs and he has long, pointy ears like soft daggers! The Big, Bad Wolf has long, skinny arms and he has sharp, pointy claws.

The Big, Bad Wolf is clever because he can change his voice behind the trees. He tries to trick Little Red Riding Hood by pretending to be her grandmother. He is wicked and evil because he attempts to eat Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.


Well done Ethan. You are a talented writer. I enjoyed reading this. Well done for using some effective similes and adjectives. I also like the way you have started to organise your writing into paragraphs. Keep up the good work! Miss Brookes.