The Dragon of Andor

In guided reading this week, we will be looking at a poem- The Dragon of Andor. I think you will agree, the message this poem gives us is very relevant today.

The Dragon of Andor


Near the village known as Andor,

Lay a forest with a cave.

And here there lived a dragon,

Whom the children nicknamed Dave.

A friendly beast this dragon was,

He did not roar or bite.

Taught little ones to love, not hate,

That never should they fight.

With eyes that glowed like rubies,

And skin that shone like gold

This wise and kindly dragon,

Was considered very old.

With a tail that sparkled silver,

And two wings of diamond white,

His beauty could be seen by all,

By day and through the night.

But then one day a knight did come,

With a sword across the land

And slayed this beast of beauty,

With his mighty, fearsome hand.

‘Alas, why did you do that?’

Cried the children to the knight.

‘Because he looked so strange of course,

He gave me such a fright’.

So the age of wise old dragons,

Came sadly to an end.

No more could children play with Dave,

The dragon they called friend.

For the knight had brought a world with him,

A world of tears and pain.

But still the children looked for love,

For peace to rule again.