Trafford ESFA Girls Tournament Match Reports by Holly

Davyhulme vs Woodhouse

The girls got straight in to tackle the ball from the opposition, the opponents were running up the line with the ball but Katie intercepted and kicked the ball up to Ella who crossed it to Holly who put it straight in, 1 -0.

Davyhulme vs Abbotsford

The girls didn’t take long to score. A brilliant run down by Ella gently passed to Katie with a brilliant cross to Rachel who secured the first goal. The girls came out strong and determined to win although the opponents started to use the ball better. A pass from Ella was intercepted which became a a throw in to us, Abigail took it and it came down the wing to Holly, she beat the defender then crossed it but it went passed the goalie’s gloves leaving the score 2-0.

Davyhulme vs St Michaels

As the whistle went for the final match, all the girls were ready to begin. A great kick out of the box by Isabelle straight to Annie, our great defender. She then passed it to Holly in the center of the pitch, there was Ella shouting “Holly, Holly!!” an amazing pass to Ella to finish it off she went and took a shot and hit the crossbar. The opponents were then on the attack but Abigail our defender tackled and they didn’t get through, the game finished 0-0.

Semi final vs Worthington

Katie and Ella were in the middle starting the kick off. Ella passed it back to Masie in defense and she cleared it to Holly she passed it to.. oh no! The ball went it and Davyhulme were losing 1-0.

Second half the girls went in with a corner and equalised! After that it was golden goal extra time. In the last 20 seconds they scored, Rachel was devastated, we all were.

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  1. Well done captain you did well getting all them goals! Proud of you!!!

  2. Well done girls,you did amazing in the match! Really proud! x 😀

  3. well done girls you did really well to get that far 🙂

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