Using iPads to add SFX to Movies!

As it is Science week this week, Year four experimented with making different sounds to create sound effects to accompany a film. We firstly looked how we are able to listen and learnt about the different parts of the ear – see the link here.

We then discussed how different sounds are made and what actions cause sounds to be created. Once we had listed some different ways (hit, pluck, scrape, blow etc) in which sounds are created we then decided to create some to be used to accompany a film. We first watched the film without any sound (children downloaded it from dropbox) and listed all the sounds that you would hear. Then the children discussed how they could create that sound using musical instruments, objects within the classroom and their own mouths.

To record all their sounds they used the app, My Custom Soundboard, to record the sounds. This app is superb for building a soundboard for use in any subject. It would be great for teachers to prepare a list of words for a topic or for early years where children can record themselves reading or again making different sounds – an example can be seen here courtesy of @Skinnyboyevans.
The children were then given time to record all the different sounds they need. It was a task they were completely absorbed in. They worked fantastically well and were completely focused on creating sounds. Unfortunately the only disappointment was that no matter how hard the children tried it was almost impossible to record without background noise.

Once the children had time to make the different sounds they had a soundboard that looked something like this:

They then imported their movie into iMovie on another iPad and used the narration tool to then record the sounds from their soundboards. Again it was tricky to exclude any background noise however some of the finished videos were brilliant! With more time the children could have spent more time looking at timing so that the sounds start precisely in time with the film however I was really impressed with the finished efforts! Overall, it had been a truly creative and enjoyable morning. My follow up would be asking the children to write a description with a specific focus on the different sounds as this exercise really made the children aware of all the sounds they encounter when it comes to writing. Here are a couple of the children’s examples:

Using My Custom Soundboard to add SFX to a film. from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.