Using Skitch to Annotate Text Features

Year 5 are going to start a project looking at creating their own ‘Match of the Day,’ program. In preparation for this, today Class 5B looked at a match report recount focusing on some of the language features that are necessary for producing a detailed football report.

We first read through the text and looked at some of the features. After making a list on the board, children used the app ‘Skitch’ to annotate to highlight the features we had discussed in class.

I had also produced a QR code, made before the lesson which listed all the features I wanted the children to find examples of. This meant that children could simply copy the features and then focus more on highlighting examples.

After downloading a picture of the text from dropbox, the children imported it into skitch and then started to annotate it and find examples of every feature discussed in class. As children were working in pairs, it was a great collaborating task as children were then discussing types of words and what should and shouldn’t be highlighted.
Unfortunately the lesson seemed to fly by and few children got their pictures completely finished however those that did were left with a very clear, bright and colourful annotation. Here is an example: