Using the app ‘Pages’ with Literacy, Numeracy and Topic

Having to cover year 1 today I was left with little time to try and teach a full day of Numeracy, Literacy and Topic along with letters and sounds and guided reading. I wanted to try and incorporate the use of iPads as much as possible to both engage and improve the children’s skills using them.

pages-ipad-app-logoWith little time I set about using the app pages to help create worksheets that the children could use. Pages is the apple equivalent to Microsoft word, an interesting word processor that from first sight seems more child friendly and easier to use for children. As the children are still trying to improve their typing skills after using some interesting and exciting apps – see here, I decide to focus more on the formatting skills of pages.

Firstly, Numeracy – the learning challenge – Can I identify and label 3D shapes? What I did – used the camera to take some pictures of 3D shapes, wrote some labels in shapes withing pages and uploaded the pages file to dropbox. Here is the worksheet:

Download the pages version here

Download the PDF here






The children then had to firstly download the file from dropbox, a task which in itself was hard for some, then select either the pictures or text and drag them to the matching pictures. Here were some of the finished efforts:

As an extension I asked some groups to change the colour of their writing box to match the colour of their shape, a gentle introduction to formatting using pages. As this was the first time the children had used this app it took some time to get used to selecting and moving the pictures and text boxes, so few got to the extension.

Literacy – Instructions – The children have been looking at instructions focusing on how to make a sandwich, the learning objective today: Can I order a set of instructions? Firstly we re-capped on all the features we identified yesterday, then as a class put together some instructions for making a cheese sandwich, making sure we varied our time connectives, imperative (bossy) verbs and included a ‘you will need’ section.

The task was then to put a set of instructions into order using the pages app. Again I had created a template, with all the parts of the instructions mixed up and uploaded this to dropbox:

Download the pages version here

Download the PDF version here







After a little more guidance the children were able to re-arrange the text more easily and so finished the task a little quicker. The extension then was to try and underline the title and also add numbers to each different instruction. Here are some examples:

















In the afternoon it was topic – ‘Knowing me, Knowing you,’ the learning challenge: Do I know the different stages in a human life? I started the lesson with a bit of a ‘wow’ moment by showing a timelapse video of a girl from a newborn baby to a 12 year old girl. It was excellent for the children to see the difference in such a small time.

We discussed the differences between the first and last picture. We also compared Mr Parkinson with a child and tried to describe why Mr Parkinson was older, this was interesting as the children were challenged to think of the different ways beside saying ‘because he is bigger.’ We noted the change of facial hair, voice and size. We then listed the different stages in life and asked the children to think what would they be able to do or be doing at that stage in life. Again I had created a worksheet in pages where the children had to put the pictures in order but also match the names with the pictures:

Download the pages version here

Download the PDF version here





Now as the children were familiar with moving, resizing and ordering the pictures and words within the app. I showed them how to format the boxes, changing the colour and adding a border. The finished results were great!!









All three pieces of work were printed to go into books and the children were so proud to see these bright and colourful examples of work in their books, I was pleased with the progress and skills the children had developed through the day by using the ‘Pages’ app. They have resized, moved, ordered, formatted, added text and coloured their shapes. They had also displayed their understanding in Numeracy, Literacy and Topic.

Well done today year 1!!!