Using the Emoji Keyboard to make a Fairy Tale Rebus

I recently blogged a post about how the Emoji Keyboard can be used in the classroom for some really interesting and challenging activities. YOU CAN READ ABOUT IT HERE.

Today I wanted to see how creative the children could be by retelling some classic fairy tales as a rebus. A rebus is a story where words or parts of words can be replaced by pictures. I came across the idea of a rebus after reading @AlanPeat‘s book, “Word Games.” I wanted to focus the children on how creatively they could use the pictures therefore by giving them stories they were familiar with helped with this. I was overwhelmed by how engaged and motivated the children were, adding that different twist on a normal writing activity completely enthralled the class.

I was also astonished at how creatively the children were, how they substituted words for pictures in ways I hadn’t even thought of. It helped some of the less able children as they didn’t worry as much about spelling words when they knew they could replace them with words. There were challenges for the higher ability children, trying to use as few words as possible however only using the pictures available. It was a very enjoyable lesson for both myself and the class! Please have a read of some of the children’s efforts!