Writing Playscipts about Angry Birds

Today, Year 3 continued using Angry Birds as a focus in Literacy and used the game to write and perform a playscript.

We first looked at a playscript to remind ourselves of the features needed. We highlighted some of these features and made a class checklist.

In pairs the children watched the following video:

They then had to write a playscipt to accompany this video. The children were completely hooked and didn’t waste any time getting their playscripts finished.

Once they had finished they then used iMovie to record themselves over the video.

The children were so focused during this lesson and it gave a real purpose to their writing.

This exercise could be used the other way so that the video is recorded and then the playscripts are written from that however the way that we ordered things gave a real life context to the lesson.

Here are our efforts:

Year 3 Angry Bird Plays from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.