Year 2 Retell the story of ‘Granny’s Quilt’

In Year 2, the children have been looking at the book, Granny’s Quilt. The story as described in the blurb is about “A young girl is sitting with her grandmother admiring her patchwork quilt. Together granny unfolds the story which lies behind each patch of material, taken from outfits that she has worn throughout different stages of her life.”

To see whether the children could remember the different stages in the Grandma’s life we decided to make a comic strip about the story in chronological order using the iPad.

Photocomic_logoI had prepared 6/7 pictures from the story and uploaded them to dropbox, so the first task was for the children to download the pictures in the camera roll of the iPad. Once they had done this, I introduced the “PhotoComic” app. A simple to use app, where children can choose the design of their comic strip, add photos, captions and then save it as a picture. The children worked in pairs and were thoroughly engaged throughout the lesson and all finished their strips. They were able to demonstrate a sound understanding of the story while improving their typing and ICT skills.

Year 2 Granny’s Quilt Comic Strips from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.