Year 3 explain how to play Angry Birds

t is always hard to try and find a focus to inspire and stimulate the children when it comes to certain text types. I remember when I first had to teach instructions and looking through examples I could use and finding “How to make a cup of tea,” or “how to make a sandwich/toast,” Yawn!

In this day and age, it has to be something that is going to grab the children’s attention – today, the class had to make instructions for how to play angry birds.

But I didn’t just want the children to write a set of instructions instead I wanted them to write, illustrate and narrate their instructions.


Explain Everything Year 4 make instructional videos!Therefore I introduced one of my favourite apps“Explain Everything!” This is THE presentation tool for the iPad in my opinion. The broad scope of activities that can be used with the app is amazing! Adding photos, text and recording your speech makes it a superb app for the classroom.

It is also one that the children pick up very quickly, they improve their ICT skills in so many ways by using the different features of this app.

The children have been looking at Instructions in their Literacy lessons, so were aware of all the features needed and had a toolkit ready to use.

They then played the game, making sure they all know what they need to do to play it. While they played they needed to take some screenshots of the game to use in their instructions, this was done by holding the home and lock button at the same time.

Once they had their pictures it was down to the children to use Explain Everything to put together their videos. Despite only having the rest of the lesson to finish most of the children completed the task and were all proud of their finished products.

So if you have heard people talking about the game and want to play yourself but need a little guidance then check out our detailed tutorial videos:

Instructions on how to play the game Angry Birds from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “Year 3 explain how to play Angry Birds

  1. Hi year 3
    I really enjoyed watching your video on how to play angry birds.

    What did you enjoyed the most?
    How long did it take?

  2. Hi Year 3
    We really enjoyed watching your video on how to play angry birds and also your wonderful maths that you were learning as well!
    What did you enjoy the most about using angry birds to learn maths?
    From Room 7
    Vardon School

  3. Hi my name is Adelei. I like your post about playing the game angry birds. I liked when you showed the cover of angry birds and the birds that I have not seen .
    Thank you for the video.
    From Adelei

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