Year 5 start their Literacy Football Project

In my sessions on a Wednesday with Year 5, I have decided to undergo a project relating to football. There are two reasons for starting this project: a) to see whether using the topic of football can engage the more reluctant boy writers in the class and b) to see how well linking digital media and speaking and listening can impact on the children’s writing.

So the outline of the project is simple, in stages the children use the iPads to make different parts to their own “Match of the Day” style programme. From this they should have the basis to write a detailed match report.

The children have already looked at the features of a football recount which has been previously blogged – read here. So after discussing the layout of a football TV programme we broke it down to three parts, the pre match analysis, the game itself and the post match interviews.

So this week the children completed the first part of their programme – the pre game analysis. We discussed what normally happens here: the teams are announced and then experts are asked about what they feel will happen in the match, who they feel will make the biggest impact and which are the players on the best form. To put this together we used the app “Explain Everything,” a super child friendly presentation tool that lets the children move pictures while recording their voice.

To start with I had acquired pictures of the players from both Manchester teams (to show no bias) and the children had to download their team from dropbox. The children then had to research some of the players and find facts that they could use in their analysis. To do this I had put the official website along with the sky sports website into QR codes to direct the children to pages that contained relevant information for them to use.
Here are the Man Utd ones:






And the Manchester City ones:

This tied in more ICT and literacy skills as children were having to research and pull out some key points to use in their presentations.

Then the children recorded their videos. They were put not in mixed ability but more with children who are less interested in football with those who have an avid interest. Year 5 have so many enthusiastic football fans both boys and girls, for those who didn’t love football focused more on the ICT production and research skills the task provided.













It was a great speaking and listening exercise and one the children thoroughly enjoyed and can’t wait to continue. As an extension for some who had finished early we we able to do some pre game  interviews with the managers. Using the app “Funny Movie Maker” children can import pictures and cut round the mouth. Then using the camera and holding the iPad in a position you can film your mouth talking as if it is the person in the picture. Again a super app that we will be definitely using for more hot seating and maybe post match interviews in the future.

Here are examples of all the pre match analysis videos and the pre game interviews:

Class 5A

Class 5A Football Project Pre Game analysis from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

Class 5B

Class 5B Football Project Pre Game analysis from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

Pre game Interviews with the managers

Football Project Pre Game Interviews from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

The next steps – we are incorporating teaching notetaking and next lesson after demonstrating this technique, children will watch a game while taking notes then using them, commentate on a game. The lesson after we will be using the iPads to conduct post match interviews and finally children will then write their match reports. I am hoping that the engagement and enjoyment from the children will inspire them to really write with purpose and focus, so stay tuned to see how it progresses over the next few weeks.