Year 5’s Epic Citadel Journey begins…

Over the next few weeks Year 5 will be using the app Epic Citadel as a focus in their lessons with Mr Parkinson. This fantastic app allows you to roam a fantasy setting from the video game Infinity Blade. What is great about this app is that there are no characters, challenges or distractions it is purely just a world to be discovered. The potential this leaves is massive as the children have to use their imaginations to create the plot and characters.

I have been eagerly waiting to use this app and wasn’t surprised by the reaction of the children, they couldn’t take their eyes of this picturesque world. Today was about giving the children a chance to have a quick glimpse and exploration of this app. They spent no more than ten minutes navigating around the world of Epic Citadel (I don’t want the novelty wearing too quick.) Once they had seen and heard the fantasy setting, they worked in pairs to create a descriptive word cloud.

mza 8096978239385435540.175x175 75 Creating eye catching Topic Front CoversWith an iPad each they worked in pairs while one person was typing out descriptive words into the app ‘Tag Cloud,’ the other was looking for more interesting vocabulary using the dictionary app.

Together they created a descriptive word cloud for the setting of Epic Citadel. A good collaborating exercise that had both partners focused and working well. The final product will become useful as a word bank for when the children have to do some descriptive writing later.

The app is a fantastic tool to have handy whenever you are doing any sort of writing activity as it has a built in predictive text feature that helps children who are unsure of the spelling and also an in depth thesaurus which is great for generating different and interesting vocabulary.

I am excited about using Epic Citadel as a stimulus for the children’s writing as their attention was completely focused. I could feel the creativity flowing as they discussed possible stories that may have happened there.

Here are some of the descriptive word clouds we made:

We will be using some ideas from the following websites to help us with this project: