Year 5’s Literacy Football Project Lesson 2

To read about Lesson 1 and the outline of this project click here.

Today’s lesson focused on effective note taking.
The children first had a look at a set of notes and then tried to identify some features used for effective note taking. We established the reasons for using notes and some of the techniques we can use to make sure we don’t miss any key information.

We then looked at how these notes were used to help the match report that we looked at a couple of lessons ago. We then tried to match the notes to the full sentences used in the report. We recognised that the notes are to remind us but we need to elaborate and add more detail when writing the report.

It was then time for the children to try and write their own notes, these will be used to help with their commentary next week but also their written reports in a few lessons.

The children paired up with their partners from last week and had an iPad between them with two recent game highlights from a Man City match and Man United match. The children had to watch the highlights and try and make as many detailed notes but keep up with the action. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks but one the children relished!

While the children were working away I decided to use the app iLapse to record them tackling the task. The iLapse app is a great tool that allows you to set the iPad up to take photos every few seconds to then build a video. The children enjoyed watching the video and the app would be a great way to record a science experiment or use to record a stop start animation.

Trialing iLapse in our Classroom from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.