Angry Birds Problem Solving

After a conversation with a fellow tweacher, it was put to me whether Angry Birds could be used to do some Problem Solving in Numeracy.

Today we had a go….

Learning Objective from NNS: Explaining methods and reasoning, orally and on paper, using words, diagrams and symbols

I started by giving each bird a different value:

2013-01-23 19.53.22


To start with I asked the children to work out the value of each level depending on the birds used for that level.

2013-01-23 20.06.52


This was a fairly easy task for the year 4 however would be a great lesson lower down the school. It provided the opportunity to let the children understand the context of the next challenge and also engage them by letting them play the level once they had worked out it’s value.

After a few minutes, I then brought the class back and posed the question:

If a level was worth 12, what combination of birds could you use???

As mentioned before the key was simple:

Red (R) = 1
Chuck (Y) = 2
The Blues (TB) = 3
Bomb (B) = 5
Matilda (M) = 10

So the class tried to find all the possibilities. It was challenging for most and they were encouraged to try and work in a systematic way. Find all the ways using Matilda first and then the Bomb so making sure they cover every possibility.

Most children were writing number sentences such as:

B + B + C = 12
M + R + R = 12

However for some of the more confident children, I tried to use more algebraic equations so I asked them to write the number of times to use it in front of the letter for example:

4C + 4R = 12.
3TB + 3R = 12.

This was using even more strategic and logical thinking. The children were really streched to make sure they found all the possible solutions without repeating any or missing any out. A thoroughly enjoyable lesson which again proved the level of engagement that can be obtained from using Angry Birds as a focus in class.