Class 1A use the app Marble Maths Jnr in Numeracy

In Numeracy this week, class 1A had the chance to pracise their numeracy skills while playing a very enjoyable game. Marble Maths Junior is an app aimed at infant children, it older version marble maths has been enjoyed by Year 5 (click here.)

The game setup is exactly the same as the older version, the difference being the type and level of questions it asks. However as a way to engage all the children and give them the instant feedback that I feel is so crucial with numeracy this app is superb. The children were completely enthralled, all the little added extras to gain or lose points completely had them hooked. With the marble maths junior app children can press the question to have it read to them which made it even better for some of the children who wouldn’t have been able to read it themselves. In the lesson we practised all the objectives which was good to give me an indication of any gaps that need correcting however for specific lesson objectives, you can set just one objective such as shape perhaps and the children can answer questions relating to just that. It also has different levels with more difficult questions giving you the option to extend the more higher achievers. It was so refreshing to see the children so excited about testing their maths, they cannot wait to use the app again.

Marble Maths Junior App from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.