Doodle Buddy Pictograms

Today Class 1Y2 had some questions in Numeracy that they needed to answer….

The first – what is their table’s favourite colour?

The second – What is their table’s favourite pet?

We first discussed the best way to record our results. This led us to look at using pictograms as a way of collecting data. We looked at an example and saw that a picture represents one vote and when we fill in a chart we see a clear answer as this is the column with the most pictures.

8343f98a6a19f7b551e0194711fb1f1f Some unique self portraits!Using an app that we have used before – “Doodle Buddy,” we decided to try and answer our questions. Doodle buddy allows us to import our own pictures as backgrounds, I had therefore uploaded a photo of a blank numbered chart to dropbox for the children to download and use as a background for their pictogram.

With Doodle buddy there are different options for us to use for our pictures, for the first question we used a thick paint brush and coloured it differently to fit with our votes and options. For the second question we used the stamp button that provides pictures of loads of different objects, animals and faces. Here are some of our pictograms: