Introducing word problems to Year 1

Over the past few weeks in class 1Y2, Friday’s numeracy lesson has been problem solving based. Today we focused on word problems and trying to improve our understanding of the vocabulary and how to decide on the right operation.

We started by looking at addition and subtraction and trying to think of other related words. We then had a look at some questions and tried to think about what the number sentence would be for that question.

We then put that into practise using the app Banana Maths. This app using pictures to represent the object in the question. This makes it a lot easier for the children to focus on the vocabulary relating to the calculation. There is also a whiteboard at the bottom for children to experiment with their number sentence. I made sure all the children wrote each number sentence before answering the question. This definitely helped the children become more familiar with the specific vocabulary relating to certain operations. It also gave the children instant feedback as to whether they were right. If they did get a wrong answer they could correct it straight away which doesn’t always happen if the teacher is working with another group.