Making children realise that knowing your times tables is cool!!!!

 Year 5 today, we used the iPads to help us with our times tables. First we did a quick times tables test to find which times tables we struggle with the most. We then decided to practise using the “Squeebles times table app.”

This app is a great way to practice all our times tables by either focusing on one that we find tricky or mixing it up. There is also an option to play the reverse game where questions such as 8 x ___ = 36. We spent some time going over the tricky times tables and realised practice makes perfect.

Once we felt we had mastered a particular times table we then decided to really put it to the test by playing the game “Maths Evolve.” This app is a excellent way to engage the children as they have to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sums while trying to move through the levels in this fun arcade style game. The children quickly realised that to progress in the game it was essential to have a solid understanding of their times tables. The penny dropped, an eagerness to achieve. The children wanted to complete the next level, they wanted to be the best in the class, to do this they needed to know their times tables!!

Maths Evolve App from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.