Maths Bingo!!!!

In Numeracy, we used the iPads to help us improve our quick recall of division facts.

We started by revising the relationship between division and multiplication. We looked at how we can use our times tables to help solve division sums for example:
45 / 9 = & then we could re-arrange to 9 x & = 45. We practiced this before playing a game of division bingo.

Once we had played we decided to practice this more using the app, “Maths Bingo”. This is a super app to practise all types of arithmetic but we focused on division. There are three levels of difficulty which helped with differentiation but we were also able to engage the more competitive learners by having a running score on the board for each level. Children were encouraged to try and beat the score by recalling their division facts. It was a fun lesson where we all improved our quick division recall.