More Angry Birds Counting

Today in Numeracy Year 4 used Angry Birds to play more counting games.

We started by playing the counting in 3’s game that I had previously done with another class – see here.

Then we played another counting game – Halve or add 9.

We firstly covered halving and adding 9. For adding 9 we used a 100 square to make the connection of adding 10 and taking 1 away. The children could see this clearly on the 100 square. The app “Numeracy Basics,” has some fantastic visual tools very similar to some of the ITPs. What is great about having a hundred square on an iPad is that the children can have it close on their desk to help them with their counting.

Children had two iPads on their tables working in groups of 4/5, one iPad had Numeracy basics app while the other had Angry Birds.

Player one played a level of Angry Birds and generated a starting number by adding the digits:

2013 01 16 16.08.14 Using Angry Birds to help with counting

Then if the answer is even the next person halves the number, if the number is odd they add 9. The first person to land on either the starting number or 1 wins a point and gets the next go to generate the number. For example if the starting number is 20 – halve – 10 – halve – 5 – +9 – 14 – halve – 7 – +9 – 16 – halve – 8 – halve – 4 – halve – 2 – halve – 1. The person who landed on the number one wins the point – the person to get 5 points wins the game.

The incentive of playing the next level had all the children thinking carefully about their counting and using the 100 square to help. It was a thoroughly enjoyable lesson that helped children with odd/even numbers, adding 9 and halving numbers.