Some interesting maths games to ease us into the new year!

On Friday, Class 1Y2 used the iPads to gently ease them back into the new term by playing some exciting and interesting maths games. Having the Christmas holidays meant that the class had become a little rusty with their numeracy and so by playing some exciting games provided the children with a fun approach to get back into the swing of things.

The first app that the children used was Motion Math’s Hungry Fish. The app is free with in app purchasing to unlock the subtraction and negative levels however it is a super game for children to work on their number bonds. Basically the game works by trying to combine bubbles to match the number on your fish. Your fish grows with all the bubbles they eat however will shrink if you take too long. The children loved trying to feed and make their fish grow. If the children complete the level they can then design their fish and name it too. The level of difficulty can be changed so numbers maybe bigger or the amount of number bonds that need to be made can be bigger. The children loved this app and it certainly reminded and reinforced all the number bond work they had done before Christmas.

After warming up with the first game the children then challenged themselves with’s CasMath 1-2-3 app. Again another free app which is specifically designed for children from 5-7. The app provides questions of five different objectives: Addition, Number Bonds, Number Sequences, Doubling and Halving. The game is split into three sections of different difficulty; bronze, silver and gold. Within each medal the children have a target number of points and can choose either a 1,2 or 3 point question. The challenging aspect of this app had the children hooked, they were working in pairs to try and be the first team to get a bronze then silver. The questions were perfect for the children’s levels, they were reminded of all the hard work done before Christmas and applied this to try and get their medals.

Finally the children had a few extra minutes to play on what has become their favourite numeracy app. I have previously blogged about the app “Marble Maths Junior,” and you can read about it here.