Times Tables Rapping!

For our starter in Numeracy, I have decided to ask the children to recite some of their tables with a little twist.

After a recent inset from Numeracy consultant Anthony Reddy, he showed the teachers how music can be used to help children remember different maths facts.

He recommended using Dave Godfrey’s Number Fun songs! Every since we have been dancing and singing away while learning different maths facts.

Today it was the children’s turn to become times tables rappers!

I asked the children who could recite their nine times tables? 1 x 9 = 9, 2 x 9 = 18….

We then used the Autorap app. The Autorap app allows you to record a conversation of someone talking or rapping  and remix it into a catchy hip hop tune through mixing and autotune!

The children absolutely loved hearing back the songs and even could recite the facts using them! I am sure after listening a few times the facts would stick and be remembered easily!

I then repeated the exercise with the six times tables, again the rap is generated in seconds and there are loads of different free tracks to choose from, the children were bopping away to their times tables!!

Listen to our hip hop times tables songs here:


The challenge for next week??? Who can recite their 7 and 8 times tables to become a hip hop star!

With Year 3 today we recapped on our two and ten times tables, listen to our examples here: