Using Angry Birds in Numeracy to help with Place Value

As part of our iPad learning journey I want to see the impact using popular iPad games can have on the children’s learning across the curriculum.

Today in Numeracy, Year 4 used the app ‘Angry Birds’ to help them with their understanding of place value. I saw this idea on the wonderful blog of Mr Andrews – a wonderful resource full of great ideas for using iPads.

We started by recapping on the different columns and going through some examples of the value of different digits in a number for example: 456,984 = 6,000.

Once we had established the value of different digits it was time to put it into practice. In pairs, the children had an iPad, child A played a level of Angry Birds and noted their score. Their partner, child B, then underlined one of the digits and had their go, while child B was completing their level, child A solved the problem. They then repeated the process working on different scores and different digits. It was a great exercise and catered well to the level as scores rarely went past ten thousand. Each level only takes no more than a minute max so the children are constantly working at a steady pace. The children found using their numeracy skills in a more fun and interesting way. The fact that the children knew they would get another turn once they had solved their question.


We have a lot more ideas and ways to use the game Angry Birds in our Numeracy lessons so stay tuned for more in the next few weeks.