International week – Year 2 French

During the Autumn term, the Year 2 children really enjoyed learning the traditional French song ‘Savez-vous planter les choux?’ with our foreign language assistant Mademoiselle Dubourg from Paris. Here are the children performing the song in International Week with the help of Madame Smithson.

French Pen-Pals

Recently, we have been sending videos to  schools in France.

We have been recieving videos from them saying, ‘my name is…’ in english and we are sending them videos of us saying,’my name is…’in french.

Since it is nearly christmas,we made them christmas cards which we coloured and wrote a message inside(in french). Some of us drew are own illestrations inside the card as well  as the picture we shaded in on the front.We have posted them to the french schools and  we hope to hear from them soon.

Au Revoir!