Most classes are now up and running with their blogging and sharing some of their fantastic work. To give our work a bigger audience we have signed up to QUADBLOGGING. A fantastic initiative started by @deputymitchell.

What is Quadblogging?

  The idea is that we have an audience through different schools visiting our blog but also we have to visit other school’s blogs and comment on their children’s blogs. We need to make sure we follow our SCHOOL BLOG RULES when leaving comments. If you need inspiration for leaving comments see some fantastic examples at http://www.commentsbykids.com/

Here are the schools we have been partnered with for this term:

British International School Phuket, Thailand

Vardon School, New Zealand

Heather Garth Primary School, England

4 thoughts on “Quadblogging

  1. Over the past few weeks in year five we’ve had a smashing time. Our favourite project has been Kensuke’s kingdom.So far we just finished the book- it was amazing how he goes over board and gets washes up on a island and meets Kensuke the king of the island.His boat the Peggy sue was long gone now but in the end the Peggy sue comes looking for him and the boy Michael that’s the one that got washed overboard finally sees his lovely, parents again apart from all that we love our new teacher Mrs Wickstone she soooo…COOL! 🙂 p.s. Millie Abbie and Aimee did this xx

  2. In year 5 I have enjoyed reading the book Kensuke’s kingdom. We were the first class to paint on tea bags!it was so much fun.we have done an assembly about it.we have been writing story’s about Michael and kensuke…

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