Blogger of the Week 11th Feb

This week’s blogger of the week is Sandy in Class 4A.

I was really impressed by the detail in some of his posts this week, you can read them here:

Freedom Friday Part 1

Freedom Friday Part 2

A Brilliant iPad Movie lesson

He has also written comments on other children’s posts giving useful and valued feedback. A massive well done Sandy! He will be able spend some time at dinner on an iPad with a friend.

So for everyone else, remember to keep blogging away! You may be chosen next week as Blogger of the Week!

5 thoughts on “Blogger of the Week 11th Feb

  1. Well done sandy i hope you enjoyed your lunch time and you really did deserve this treat because i looked at some of your blogs and i can tell you have put ALOT of effort into them and really thought hard about what you are going to type so keep up the good blogging Sandy!!

  2. well done sandy,i hope you have a good time on the amazing ipads
    keep up the good work!! 🙂

  3. Well done sandy,enjoy your lunchtime.Keep up the good work!!!
    From JosephR 5A.

  4. Brilliant work Sandy and I hope you have a great time on the I pads and good look for the future

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