Blogger of the Week award!

To encourage our children to keep blogging, Mr Parkinson is introducing a “Blogger of the Week,” award.

The way it will work – whoever Mr Parkinson feels has made a real effort to blog, comment and share ideas/examples of their work will win the weekly prize. The prize? A dinner time spent with a friend on an iPad.

Blogging has been proven to improve children’s writing, confidence and e-safety awareness. It gives your writing an audience and allows people to see what wonderful and talented writers we have.

Things I will be looking out for to find the Blogger of the week:

  • Children who try to showcase their fantastic writing by either – writing a story, book review, review of their day, 100 word challenge or any other interesting post.
  • Children who take time to read and comment on other people’s posts, this can be on our blog or others.
  • Children who take time with punctuation and spelling – no text talk!!!
  • It will not be the person who blogs the most, it will be down to children who have really made an effort to blog meaningful and interesting posts.

How to write good blog comments:

Commenting Poster 2011

So good luck! I look forward to rewarding you for all your hard work!

5 thoughts on “Blogger of the Week award!

  1. Blogger of the week sounds really good. I can`t wait!!!!!

  2. well done oliver hope yu enjoy your day on the ipads and so dose your friend, who is the lucky friend wo you are taking on the ipads? blogger of the week sounds really intresting i hope everyone joins in and just has fun on the blogger and write as good and do your best always and never give up on yourself!

  3. I can not wait for the prize to be given this week I hope everyone tries hard and that the winner has tried hard and put lots of effort in to their writing and work

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