As our school is now busy blogging away, we are looking for a small group of parents who can help us with our blogging journey.

The idea of the blog is to showcase work and children’s writing to a global audience, giving the children a purpose to write and more of a reason to produce a high standard of work.

The biggest impact we have seen from using the blog is seeing children react when they see that people have read and commented on their writing.

We want to really value this and are therefore looking to recruit a small team of parents who will help comment on children’s work across all our blogs, making sure no piece of writing is left without feedback.

All it will entail is taking maybe 30 mins or an hour a week to look at our blogs, read some of the children’s work and give them feedback looking at what they have done well and what they may need to focus on.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below. At half term, I will then create log ins and a tutorial video which I will email to all the willing parents for them to then get going with the project.

You WILL make a difference and have a big impact on children’s writing and for some parents who are unable to come into school to hear children read or help on school trips this is the perfect way to contribute to helping the schools and children develop.

Thank you.