Wear your Wellies to School Day 2012!

On the last day of last half term our school held a fundraising ‘Wear your Wellies to school day.’ Welly Day was similar to the event that we held year before last ( The Big Dig ) It was arranged by Gaynor Smith and Mrs Bailey. Gaynor is trying to raise £1Million for Christies Hospital after a close friend of hers, Elise died of cancer. EVery child is asked to bring in £1 to wear their wellies and garden for the day. Barclays bank (where Gaynor works and where Elise worked ) support the charity fundraising by matching £ for £ all that we raised. As a school we raised just over £500 and Barclays matched this. I think Gaynor has now raised about £600k with various charity fundraisers.

In addition to this Barclays offer to come into school to do a project for the day. The year before last it was the gazebo area and developing a trail/hedgehog area/ bird watching area. This year it was creating a butterfly garden and mini beast area. About 15 volunteers came from Barclays got stuck in clearing and making paths/ clearing wild areas and generally making the area suitable to be used by the children. Barclays gave an extra £500 donation to purchase stones for paths and signs/garden equipment – pots etc.

It was great day and some parents also came in to lend a hand and join in the fun. All of the children worked on the patio areas outside their classrooms and in the general garden areas/orchards area of the school.

We want to say a massive thank you for all the support and help from Gaynor and the team at Barclays bank for all their hard work and kind donations. Here is a video of our day:

Davyhulme Primary’s Wear Your Wellies to School Day from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.