Delancey’s Chess League In Full Swing !

Since January 2017 Mr McDowell has organised the annual chess league competition sponsored by Delancey’s with the entry fee paid by our PTA.
The best 30 players from school have been competing using our new chess sets ( also provided by the PTA ) for the title of chess champion of the whole school.
This year we have had a record number of girls enter ( 6 ) to compete equally with other pupils from y3,Y4,Y5 and Y6. Anyone reaching 17 points automatically qualifies for the Megafinal .

London Trip 2016

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This year we went to meet our MP , Kate Green at the House of Commons in one of the Committee rooms. This one was named after a famous Prime Minister , Benjamin Disraeli . Kate Green’s assistant , Rebecca , organised the visit on behalf of our MP . We also had a brief tour of the Great Hall and the underground tunnel to the new offices for many of the MPs.
We all had a great time and were very thankful for the bottles of water provided on a very hot day .