Animals in the Savannah

As part of the topic this half term, Year 2 have been doing some research on different animals that live in the Savannah. Using the iPads we have been looking at different ways in which we can present our research and what we have discovered about these animals.

We first started by generating questions that we wanted to find out:





We had to finish those sentences and share with others on their tables and with the class to build up a list of questions that the children wanted answers to. As a class we decided to firstly focus on the Cheetah. We then had some time to research on the internet to try and find answers to our questions. Once we had answers most of our questions it was time to decide how to share our learning.

After that, we showed our understanding in three different ways to hopefully make all our new found knowledge stick.

Firstly, we used a Green Screen app to let us record ourselves as if we were right there in the Savannah. The app we used was Green Screen Movie FX which allows you to record in front of a green or blue background and change it to a video or picture. We downloaded a video of a cheetah in its natural habitat and recorded each other sharing some of the facts we had learnt. We could not read the facts, we had to recite what we could remember. We were amazed at the final product and seeing each other stood next to a cheetah! Here is some examples:

Green Screen Cheetah Facts from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

 Next we had to present what they had found out about Cheetahs using the app Puppetpals. We had to add pictures of cheetahs and what they eat as well as a background of the Savannah. Recording ourselves sharing our facts while manipulating the characters created some amazing factual videos. Again with us having to focus on moving the characters it meant we had to recite facts from memory rather than just reading from a sheet, making the knowledge stick. Here are some examples of our videos:

Using Puppetpals to share our knowledge of Cheetahs from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

Finally we used Pic Collage to create a collage of cheetahs. Using this picture we then annotated it using the app ThingLink. Thinglink is a webbased tool that allows you to add text, video or hyperlinks to the picture. Within the app, we can import an image and then make it interactive by adding videos within the image. Here is one of the examples:

As an extension, we could then make Thinglink pictures about other animals in the Savannah to see them – CLICK HERE.