Class 4A’s Perspective Pictures

A couple of days ago I came across a fantastic idea, thanks to @SimonHaughton, about using the iPad camera to take some perspective photos, see his lesson here. It got me thinking about how I could tie this in with our work using the Angry Birds game. The idea is to create some Angry Bird perspective pictures to use to make a comic strip. It was important however for the children to really understand and experiment with this brilliantly simple yet effective technique before creating the Angry Birds pictures.

I started by showing the children some examples and a video from Blue Peter explaining the technique and how to achieve it.

We then gave the children time to discuss in a group some ideas, could they use some objects from their desk or the classroom? To give the children more space, we used the playground to take our photos, here are some of our efforts:

Some did experiment with some of their Angry Birds that they created on the iPads in our previous lesson. Hopefully we will be able to create some more which will give us some great ideas to use in Literacy.