Class 4B’s Perspective photography

Today it was Class 4B’s turn to make some spectacular perspective photographs. They did the same lesson to Class 4A yesterday. To read more about the lesson click here.

Here are the children’s efforts:

I made sure that the children purposely used their drawings of angry birds to take some perspective photos that they could use to make a comic next week. After we finished taking the pictures I gave the children a little taste of using the app Comic Life to make their comics next week. As a class, we made a quick comic to demonstrate the different tools and features we will use next time. Here was our class comic:

2013-01-16 15.02.33


The children are thinking carefully about what their comics can be about, ready for next week. The children cannot wait to continue their work on the iPads focusing on their favourite game and it certainly has been approached with a really positive attitude!

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