Creating eye catching Topic Front Covers

Year 5 today used the iPads to create some interesting and different topic front covers. It was a great way of seeing what the children already knew about the topic they are about to start. The app they used was Tag Cloud, this simple to use app allows children to type text into a box  and then all the words are put into a colourful and bright picture with loads of different templates and styles to choose from. The more you repeat a word the bigger it appears on the picture. Therefore the children started by typing the title of their topic three times, they then typed all the ideas they had generated through an “all write round robin” activity at their tables.

It will be great to compare their efforts with a word cloud the children will complete at the end of the topic to show how much they have learnt or can remember about the topic. The children really enjoyed the pictures they created. As mentioned in the previous post of using this app the potential is fantastic and can be applied to many different activities.

Here are some of the Roman Topic Clouds we made: