Labelled maps of our school!

Today class 2A furthered their understanding of their topic, “Our School,” by looking at the school and its surrounding using “Google Earth.” They were fascinated by the different views of familar settings. We discussed the “birds eye view” we see on Google Earth and how useful this app can be to see sights from around the world that we may not be able to otherwise see.

The class were given time to try and find their house and other places they wanted to find. Some looked at the Trafford Centre others tried to find where they stayed on holiday in the Summer. Once they had familiarised themselves with the app, I asked them to take a screen shot of our school by holding the lock and home button together.

Using the screenshot we decided to label the different parts of our school from a birds eye view. We used the app ‘Skitch,’ to help us do this. Skitch is a really useful annotating tool that can be used for a variety of tasks.

I found this a really easy app for the class to use. They managed to label different parts of the school really well. Again a really good collaborating exercise which engaged all the children, the final piece of work was printed to be put in books giving the children a real sense of achievement in producing a colourful and bright picture. Here are a few examples of our labelled pictures: