Multi Apping to start our new topic!

Year 4’s new topic this term is “The Environment.” Today we wanted to make some different and creative topic front covers. We started by looking at some of our local environments, the children came up with three common places – school, home and the local park. We then used the Kagan structure “All write round robin,” to collect as many different words that we could associate with that environment. The children took it in turns to make a suggestion, if all the group agree they write it down, therefore all children then have a bank of words to use. We mainly focused on the senses and what they would be able to see, hear, feel, smell and taste. Once they had time to think of ideas, each group shared some of their suggestions and children either tick them if they already had it or added it at the bottom. Eventually children had a page completely full of ideas for all three different environments:

The children then used the app WordFoto to turn a photo of each environment into a typographic work of art. The app is great to link art to literacy and children can add a back of up to 10 words to then use to turn a picture into a thousand words – literally. The children can edit the colour, font style and format. The finished effect looks amazing! Here are some before and after pictures:


Once the children had finished their three pictures for each different environment they then had to put them all together into a poster using the app Pic Collage. Children added all three pictures, labelled them added a title and a background to complete a fantastic new topic front cover. Here are some of the finished efforts: