Our favourite meals word art!

Class 1Y2 will be starting their new topic of ‘Yum Yum, World Kitchen’ this half term and so on Friday we decided to draw pictures of our favourite meals. However we wanted to make our pictures different and unique and so used the app ‘Type Drawing,’ to help.

Class RY1 have used Type Drawing before and you can read about how they used it here.

The app is superb for creating typography pictures. A really good way of linking art with literacy! There are so many possibilities with this app, character or setting descriptions can be made in much more of a creative and eye catching way.

The children were set the task of making a picture of their favourite meal however had to think carefully about the vocabulary of each part of their meal. After demonstrating an example I gave the children the freedom to create their own picture to really see what they could do and was totally overwhelmed by some of their efforts:

2 thoughts on “Our favourite meals word art!

  1. Wow these look very yummy well done 1Y2 my mouth is watering very nice indeed

  2. ooh some yummy looking food – well done children of 1Y2 -keep up the good work 🙂

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