Science Week Investigations!

As it is Science week, all the children are very busy doing different Scientific investigations in class. Today Year 4 used the iPads and the app BookCreator to plan, carry out and analyse a science investigation and answer the question: How can we prove air is a material?

We first discussed what air is made of – gas and the difference in state between solids, liquids and gases. I then posed the question how could we prove that despite not being able to see, hear or smell air we can prove it is there? After a few suggestions I explained to the children that we are going to try to prove that air is a material. We then discussed gravity and air resistance before providing the children with different materials. Children then discuss what they could do with them and we shared them as a class. It was down to the children then to plan, and predict what they think would happen.

Bookcreator is quickly becoming my favourite app! It is a superb way for children to add pictures, video and sound to accompany text. It is a perfect way to record a science investigation as children are all able to work at a steady pace as they can choose to record themselves verbally predicting rather than writing. Children were “multi-apping,” and switching between bookcreator and the camera app. Children were able to video themselves carrying out their investigation and then record themselves explaining the results. It was a fascinating way of carrying out an investigation and gave children the chance to really think carefully about the investigation and didn’t overbear them with writing. Some of the children who are normally slower with their writing were able to finish their investigation and share it.

See a couple of examples of the ebooks created by the children:

 Ben and Jodie
Connor and Drew

Using BookCreator for a Science Investigation from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.


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