The Romans Conquer Davyhulme!

Today was a great day! The Romans came to school! They took over the work for the Year 5 teachers. We learnt a lot about the Romans and how they live. They were very funny as well. My favourite part of the day was when the Romans showed us their armour and weapons. They had a javelin,swords, daggers and proper armour. I would rather have been a Roman than a celt in those times.

9 thoughts on “The Romans Conquer Davyhulme!

  1. sounds fun!!! did you learn where the Romans fight.

  2. Awesome i really like your Romans armor and sword i thought i can be a gladiators in our school we got show i dress up as Cesar my friend Ryan

  3. AWESOME!! when we had roman day we had a musical and a fashion show.

  4. sounds like fun!!! did you learn where the Romans fight?

  5. I really enjoyed the Romans too because they were much cleaner, richer and protected.

  6. that looks like good fun-hope you had a good time!!!! 🙂

  7. i loved the romans the celt told us all about himseld and so did the romans.

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