Using iMovie to show what we already know about our new topic!

Class 1Y2 are starting a new topic focusing on Minibeasts in Science. Today we used the iPads to help use show what we already know about the topic. We used the app iMovie to make a short information video featuring some minibeasts. iMovie is probably the easiest and most straight forward video editing app for the iPad. Children navigate around the app easily and it provides some simple but effective editing tools. The app also has a trailer option where children can produce their own movie trailers to read more about this click here.

The task was for the children to show what they already know about some familiar minibeasts. What are they called? where do they live? what do they eat etc. First I downloaded some images of the minibeasts and saved them into a Dropbox folder. The first task was for the children to download these images to the camera roll. After a demonstration, the Year 1 class quickly got the pictures downloaded to their device.

Then I demonstrated iMovie, I showed them how to import the pictures, record themselves narrating over them, add text to each picture and finish it off with some theme music. I was really impressed by how well the children listened and how well they completed the task. It was great for some of the children who struggle with their writing to freely express their ideas by recording themselves talking. The children were really impressed with their final efforts, please have a watch and comment if you find them useful. What I am hoping to do is repeat the exercise at the end of the topic to see how much more they now have learnt from the lessons – enjoy!

What do we already know about our new topic – Minibeasts? from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.

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  1. Lovely to hear my Lara describing the animals – thanks for this.

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