Using iPads to encourage speaking and listening

Class 2A last week worked on labelling maps of the school using skitch, this week they went one step further and used another app to encourage them to verbally elaborate and add extra details to a picture.

 Using the iPads to get children to explain their understanding

Explain Everything, is an app that we have used before (Click herehere or here.) It is a very useful presentation tool and the aspect that I find most useful is that along with recording the screen it also records audio providing some excellent speaking and listening opportunities. Which is something we have wanted to target this year through the use of iPads in KS1.

Using Explain Everything, I challenged the children to give a guided tour of the school from a birds eye view picture of the school grounds. They could use arrows and highlighting tools to help them focus on different parts of the school but the main focus was on how much the children could explain and describe different parts of the school. It was a really good collaborating exercise and it was fascinating to see the children’s views on different parts of the school. It was great for the children to showcase what they had learnt about our school through the topic work they had done last half term.

The video has been put on the TVs at the entrance to the school for all our visitors to see.

Class 2A’s Guided Tours of the School Grounds from Davyhulme Primary School on Vimeo.