Using the iPads to learn about our Local Area

Location, Location, Location is this half term’s topic for Year 2. Having previously used Google Earth to look at a Bird’s eye view of our school, we have started to branch out and this week looked at our local area. The task was to either use the search tool within Google Earth or simply use the GPS button to locate our school and try and use their navigational skills to locate important local places.

Before the task started we discussed some of the important places within our Local area and we realised that we are VERY lucky with all the great and wonderful places we live close to. When the children had found a place they had to take a screenshot which was saved to the camera roll. Once they had taken a number of pictures they had to use them to create a local area poster.

We used the app “Pic Collage,” to put our pictures together, this app is a fantastic child friendly app which lends itself to so many different projects. The children had to import the pictures, clip them if they needed and then label them. The children we really impressed with their finished pictures and it gave them a more thorough understanding of their local area. Over the next few weeks we will be moving from local to national and then international with the intention of Skype-ing some other schools in other countries to learn about Christmas around the world.

If you want to find out more about this project click here.

Here are some of the posters we produced: