WordArt Skeletons

In topic lessons, year 4 have been looking at Funny Bones. To test the children’s knowledge of what they have learnt in recent Science lessons they made some wordart pictures of a skeleton.

mza 1718725764544885226.175x175 75 Our favourite meals word art!

The children used the app Type Drawing to make their pictures. The app is superb for creating typography pictures. A really good way of linking art with literacy! The children imported a picture of a skeleton and had to carefully draw around it using the names of each bone. So for the head they typed skull or cranium. It was a fantastic way of seeing what names of bones the children could remember but also if they could place them in the correct place! The children thoroughly enjoyed this exercise and were proud of their colourful and  creative pictures.

One thought on “WordArt Skeletons

  1. Mason loved doing this , he listens to the bones song on his iPod all the time and keeps printing skeletons out, great way to teach them about the bones in the body !! Well done

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