Year 1 and 2 learn about Christmas around the world!

It certainly has been a busy week, not only did Year 1 and 2 perform an excellent Nativity play which you can view here, this afternoon they connected with some classes from America to find out what Christmas is like in another country.

We have used some of the contacts from our Christmas around the world project to skype with them and ask them some interesting questions to learn about Christmas traditions in different countries.

We first started by thinking of questions to ask, we then connected with the classes, asked our questions, listened carefully and even answered some questions from our new friends.

We are hoping to use some of the facts we have learnt to make an information page about how Christmas is celebrated in the USA – so stay tuned to see some examples.

It was interesting to learn that when we Skyped with them it was 2.30pm for us which is nearly the end of the day but it was 8.30 am for them and just the start of their day!

Here are some pictures of use enjoying our Christmas Skypes and we are hoping more classes will be getting involved over the next week to share and learn about different Christmas traditions.