Year 1’s Bonfire Night Art

To link with their art and ICT focus of using digital media to create pictures, Year 1 used the iPads to make some very colourful and bright bonfire pictures.

We started by looking at why we celebrate bonfire night. This was done by watching the very informative video from the team over at BrainPOPUK, Along with the website they also have a very useful app which I have used with different year groups. Within the app the daily video, which covers a wide scope of different subjects, is accompaniedthey provide by a quiz which tests the children’s understanding in a variety of ways.

Once we had learnt about the reason behind celebrating Bonfire night we then watched an example of a firework display to get an idea of the colours and shapes we see.

I then introduced the children to the app ‘Brushes,‘ which is a free app and really useful art app. Children are able to choose different types of brushes to use, change the thickness, colour and texture of the brushes. It is quite a straightforward and child friendly app which the children were totally engaged by trying to create a bonfire night picture. As their new topic for this half term is “Sparkles and Tinsel,” the pictures provided the perfect front cover for their topic books.

Here are a few examples of the pictures, which I put together using ‘PicCollage’:

Thanks to Simon Haughton (@simonhaughton) and his class over at Parkfield Primary for inspiring us for this lesson.